African Pit Bull

Recently came across the African Pit Bull as they call the animal. The hyenas!!! Crazy stuff!!!
Suppose the African Government allows people to train and take care of the wild animals.
I think that's crazy. Hyenas are crazy, based of what been seen. As being shown on t.v. the hyenas are small and skinny. These pets are so big and fast and powerful. If they were up in the fight with the pit bull terrier, the pit would not stand a chance.
As it said before that African Gov. allows people to have the wild animals as pets it's insane. May be because they just stand on another level. They have a different life in Africa. A person from Africa once told me that people who have the animals like: Hyenas and Baboons are the mafia people in Africa. But who knows...
Having these animals as pets??? If you'd ask me, I would say yes. But after a few generations of their breed.source: